Culture Tours

Pakistan has a diverse cultural heritage and centuries of rich history. Taking a culture tour through Pakistan is like traveling through time, with tours to the Indus Valley, the Ancient Silk Road, visit Buddhist Archaeology or our Mughal & Ghandara archaeological tours.

You can also immerse yourself in the unique festivals or the amazing Hunza Spring Blossom Tour. In Nanga Parbat Adventure, we will organize the perfect tour of your lifetime with memorable moments and new experiences.

our culture tours in pakistan

Chilam Joshi Festival is one the most vital Kalash festivals in Pakistan.  Kalash Festival is also known as Kalash spring festival.

LAHORE – the city of Mughals and the heart of Pakistan’s culture lies in the 2000 years old .it is the city of gardens and flowers, city of music, arts and festivals, and of course city of Mughal architecture.

The rich historical and cultural past of Pakistan will take you through some of the most interesting historical cities of the world, enabling you to see and understand the diversity of their rich cultural and archeological heritage.

By now you are probably quite familiar with the adventures encompassing the mountain ranges and valleys of the North. Now we are about to take you a little back in time on a trip that will inform you about the ancient people that inhabited this region...

Uchal Kalash Summer Festival is the perfect trip for those who are enthusiastic in studying the life styles and ancient customs of the Kafir Kalash tribes living in three isolated valleys of Bumboret, Rambur and Birir in the heart of the Hindukush mountains.

Choimus Kalash Winter Festival is a perfect trip for those who are enthusiastic in studying the life styles and ancient customs of the Kafir Kalash tribes.

We take a tour of the 5000 year old Indus valley civilization and marvel at the magnificence of architecture that covers the most historical and culturally rich areas of Pakistan’s ancient history.

A perfect trip for those enthusiasts of Nature and adventure lovers takes you to the Northern Areas of Pakistan. The colorful spring Blossom starts in March and April in the Gilgit, an important historic town on the Ancient Silk Road and the Former princely States of Hunza and Nagar valleys in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.