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Kalash Valley Festival

The Kalash or the Kalasha are the only pagan minority residing in the Chitral district
of the province of Khyber. The Kalashas live in three valleys of Chitral namely,
Rumbur, Brumbret and Birir. The Rumbur and Brumbret form a single culture due to
their very similar cultural practices, while Birir being the most traditional one forms a
separate culture. The number of kalash has decreased so much so that only around
4000 people are residing in the valleys. The Kalashas are polytheistic and according
to a renowned linguist Richard strand, is of the view that the people of Kalash
practice an ancient form of Hinduism which gradually developed locally and got
influenced by the neighboring areas of pre Islamic Nuristan.
The inhabitants of the Kalash valley celebrate a number of festivals all year round.

The three predominant festivals are as follows:

Uchal Kalash Summer Festival is the perfect trip for those who are enthusiastic in studying the life styles and ancient customs of the Kalash tribes living in three isolated valleys of Bumboret, Rambur and Birir in the heart of the Hindukush mountains.

Chilam Joshi Festival is one the most vital Kalash festivals in Pakistan.  Kalash Festival is also known as Kalash spring festival.

Choimus Kalash Winter Festival is a perfect trip for those who are enthusiastic in studying the ancient customs of the Kalash tribes in winter festival.