Pakistan is immensely important country regarding the history of mankind and of ancient civilization. Starting from the early humans the hand-axe man dated 2.5 million years ago to the recent era, Pakistan’s location played a vital role.

All of these tours in various seasons allows you to experience new locations and knowledge. In Nanga Parbat Adventure we make it come true for our guests to visit Pakistan in every season and give them their desired destination to experience and cherished by heart and remember the journey well spent with Nanga Parbat Adventure.

For many years I have been searching for a tour organizer that can not only covers the landscapes but also accommodates their tourists with the rich and diverse culture of Pakistan. Nanga Parbat Adventure is one of the few travel organizers that lead you to the landscapes while sharing an abundant amount of histories.

I met Nanga Parbat Adventure ( a tour organizer based in Islamabad Pakistan ) through European friends. For years I have wanted

Pakistan is an amazing country no matter which part you visit it has everything to offer almost for every age group. Despite