Exclusive and Unique Tours

Nanga Parbat Adventure is a worldwide trusted tour operator affiliated with   ministry Tourism since 1999 under the  DTS License no.  488. Beside that, Nanga Parbat Adventure is founding member of Pakistan Association of Tour Operators (PATO) & Alpine Club of Pakistan. 

We are  Specialized in creating the best experiences in Pakistan and hosted some of the world renowned climbers such as Reinhold Messner. NPA  Provided logistical support for “Nanga Parbat” & Messner  Der film directed by Josseph Vilsmaier & Andreas Nickel Our passion is to work for many happy and satisfied travelers from Europe, United States, and the rest of the world.

Travel should never be about suffering. The only impact a tourist should make on a country is a positive one.  

We feel huge Responsibility  while operating any tour in the destination considering,  the needs of the community and environmental impact and make sure  our  visit should  benefit the  local community.

We offer exclusive and custom tours as well as fixed departure tours to make sure you enjoy your adventures through Pakistan.