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Climbing in Pakistan is a unique adventure that every advanced climber must experience. There are two main climbing locations in Pakistan,  near to Islamabad, and in the Karakoram range, world famous because of K2.

Near Islamabad, the most visited spots are in the Margallah Hills, which is a great climbing spot for climbers of different levels, Shahdra, with five scenic routes, and Ibex, considered by many as the best wall in the region.

In the Karakoram range, Trango Tower is a popular climbing destination. The Muztagh Tower, Link Sar, K6 and K7 are also located there and provide a broad amount of climbing options. 

Special Interest tours in pakistan

This three day helicopter safari has been named the Eighth Wonder because it is not only wonderful but also combines the wonders of the Himalayas, the Hindukush and the Karakoram.