Gandhara Civilization Tour


The Gandhara civilization thrived in what is now northern-western Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan, roughly between the 1st millennium BCE and the 1st millennium CE.  This region served as a crossroads for trade and cultural exchange, bringing together influences from India, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

The Gandhara civilization wasn’t a single unified empire, but rather a collection of kingdoms and empires that all shared a reverence for Buddhism and adopted a unique artistic style known as Gandhara art. This art style blended aspects of Indian Buddhist art with Greco-Roman influences, creating a truly distinctive visual language for depicting the life of the Buddha.

Some of the major cities of the Gandhara civilization included Taxila, Peshawar, Pushkalavati (Charsadda), and Swat. These cities were not only centers of trade and administration but also important hubs of Buddhist learning and artistic production. Today, the archaeological remains of these cities continue to be excavated, offering us a glimpse into the life and culture of the Gandharan people.


Arrival Lahore Airport, transfer to hotel. Visit Lahore Museum, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore fort and Shalimar Garden. Meals and overnight at hotel.

Drive after breakfast to Wahga border between India and Pakistan. Lunch at Wahga PTDC Motel and return to Lahore. Dinner at typical village Restaurant for Punjabi and Mughal cuisine. Overnight at hotel.

Depart Lahore by air for Peshawar. After check in at hotel and lunch visit Peshawar Museum, which holds today one of the richest stores of Gandhara Buddhist art. Muhabat khan Mosque and story tellers Bazaar. Dinner at Traditional pathan restaurant. Overnight at hotel.

Drive to the legendry Khyber Pass (57km) the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This historical pass has been the gateway for invaders, traders and religious missionaries for centuries. Drive back to Peshawar. After lunch Visit traditional shopping market in Peshawar city. Meals and Overnight at Hotel.

Drive to Swat (180km) over Malakand pass (1800m) enroute visit Takht Bhai
Buddhist Monastery and Shigardara Stupa. After lunch visit Swat museum and Butkara sites. Meals and overnight at hotel.

Drive to Chilas (270km) over Shangla pass. Lunch at Besham and drive Continues to Chilas. Meals and overnight at hotel.

Drive to Raikot Bridge for Fairy Meadow enroute visit Rock Carving at Thalepan and transfer by 4 wheel jeeps to Tato. Another 3 hours walk to Fairy Meadow. Dinner and overnight at Raikot Sarai.(6 hours).

Full day excursion to Nanga Parbat base camp visit Alferd Drexal Monument And explore the area. Lunch at beyal camp and back to Raikot Sarai for meals and overnight.

Trek back to Tato village and transfer by jeeps to Chilas. Dinner & over Night at hotel.

Drive to Besham (280km) enroute visit Shatial rock carving and drive Continue to Besham. Meals and overnight at hotel.

Drive to Islamabad(265km). Enroute visit Taxila Museum, holds rich Collections of Gandhara Buddhist art and treasure. Visit Julian Monastery, Sirkap and Dharmarajika stupa. Lunch at Taxila and drive to Islamabad. The modern capital of Pakistan. Dinner and over night at hotel.

Transfer to airport.


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