South Pakistan is a land of contrasts, where ancient cities meet bustling metropolises, and vast deserts hug the shores of the Arabian Sea. It’s a region steeped in history, with ancient civilizations leaving their mark on the landscape, while modern life thrives in the big cities

A cultural tour of South Pakistan is a journey through time and tradition. You’ll explore ancient cities, historical sites, and vibrant metropolises, all while experiencing the warm hospitality of the Pakistani people.

A cultural tour of South Pakistan is a great way to experience the rich history, traditions, and hospitality of this fascinating region.


Departure to Lahore and next day Arrive to Lahore.

Arrive to Lahore international airport, transfer to hotel after check in hotel take some rest after the long flight and get ready for some sightseeing. After Rest we will go to Lahore Fort Located in the inner Walled city of Lahore. Encompassing 21 famous monuments built during the Mughal period, consists of 13 gates. Later in the evening we will go to the Badshahi Mosque, which was created by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Dinner at Haveli Restaurant with a magnificent view of Badshahi Mosque. (Approximately 1hr of drive).

After breakfast we will commence our tour and visit the Wazir khan Mosque and Delhi Gate and the narrow street bazar. After that we will visit the famous Persian style built Shalimar Garden built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century CE. Later in the evening we will go to the Wahga Border to witness the Flag down ceremony between Pakistan and India, which represents the rivalry and neighbourhood of two bordering country. Overnight stay in Hotel. (Approximately; 3-4hrs drive).

After Breakfast, we will drive towards Harappa; one of the major cities of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization a 5000-year-old settlement located in the region of rural Punjab District Sahiwal. After that we will drive to Multan the City of Shrines. Overnight stay in Hotel. (Approximately; 7hrs drive).

After breakfast full day sight seen of   Multan, one of the oldest cities was built on a mound just east of the Chenab River. It was subdued by Alexander the Great in 326 BC and fell to the Muslims about AD 712. Large number of Sufi shrines dating from that era. Multan’s ancient skyline is dominated by the grand domes of innumerable tombs-spiritual teachers of all shades of Islam we will visit Sufi shrines of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Baha ud-din Zakaria, Shah shams Tabrez, Shah Yousuf Gardezi, Akbar tombs   and visit the famous Hussain Agahai bazar. Overnight stay in Hotel.

Morning, we will drive to Cholistan desert to visit the famous Derawar Fort of Dewraj Rawal Bhatti built in 9th century CE at the edge of Cholistan near the dried up Ghagar-Hakra River. We will experience camel safari at cholistan dessert. Later drive to Bahalwalpur. Overnight stay in Hotel. (Approximately 7hrs drive).

After Breakfast, we will start our tour in the City of Places by visiting Bahawalpur’s Palaces, a visit to Bahawalpur Library and Museum. Later, leave toward Uch Sharif; Uch Sharif founded by Alexander in 325 BCE and are listed as a UNESCO world heritage site for its monumental shrine complex. Move to Sukkur for Overnight stay in Hotel. (Approximately; 3-4hrs drive).

After Breakfast, we will leave for Sukkur. We will be leaving Southern Punjab and entering into the region of Sindh. On the way we will visit the famous archaeological site Kot Diji; Kot Diji was the forerunner of the Indus Valley Civilization, it is one of the early phase cities on Indus Civilization dated 3300 BCE. The fort is also known as Fort Ahmadabad, which is an Talpur-Era fort built in 18th century CE. visit the famous Hindu temples at Sadhu Bela on Indus and boating at Sukkur to bukkar Island visit the Sukkur barrage which was built by the British in 1932.Visit the seven Sateen astan (It is shrines of seven sisters at a height point on Indus River. Is the resting place for the Seven Sisters According to folklore seven beautiful unmarried women resided here and veiled (purdah) themselves from all males, also referred to as sattei. Overnight stay in Hotel. (Approximately; drive 4-5 hrs).

Morning, we will drive towards the biggest city of Indus Valley Civilization known as Mohenjo-Daro; the site was a city centre of the ancient time and was famous for being a trade centre where trade was carried from different civilization of the world. It has the architectural engineering a well-planned city consisting of a citadel and a lower town with measured roads and buildings. Mohenjo-Daro was the Mature phase site of Indus Valley Civilization. We will also visit the site museum of Mohenjo-Daro to see the Seals collection, the terracotta figurines, the pottery, and jewellery of ancient Indus city. Overnight stay in hotel. (Approximately; 3-4hrs drive).

After Breakfast, we will drive towards Sehwan Sharif en-route we will visit shrine of Sindhi Sufi poet, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, later we drive to visit Hala which is famous through the subcontinent for art, glazed colored pottery, woodwork, cloth printing, woven cloth and khaddar made of handmade khaddi, after that we will continue our drive to Sehwan sharif in the evening visit the famous Sufi Shrine of Lal Shabaz Qalander and witness the devotional singing and Sufi dance. Later, drive to Hyderabad. Overnight stay on Hotel. (Approximately; 6-7hrs drive).

Morning, en-route visits the Chaukhandi tombs these are tombs of royalty, various Sufi saints, and esteemed scholars.  Which form an early Islamic cemetery, visit the biggest necropolis Tombs of, Makli Hill and famous Mosque of Thatta known as Shah Jahan Mosque from Mughal era build in 17 centuries, later drive to visit Keenjhar lake and then drive to Karachi. Overnight stay in Hotel. (Approximately; 4-5hrs drive)

After breakfast, we will be having a full day at Karachi to visit the National Museum at Karachi, Jinnah Tomb, and Toba Mosque and at evening time explores the beautiful beaches of Clifton and enjoys the sunset view. Overnight stay in hotel.

Morning, we will leave the territory of Sindh and enter Makran Coastal highway located in the Province of Balochistan. Along the way we witness the art of Ship breaking at Gadani. After that we will move towards Kund Malir, we will stop at the Chandragup Mud Vaolcanos, Pakistan only mud volcanos. Moving forward to Pakistan’s biggest natural made temple of Hinglaj Mata. Overnight stay in resort. (Approximately; 5-6hrs drive).

After breakfast, we will have a full day to explore the beach of Ormara we will visit the Turtle beaches, we will move towards Pasni, famous for its Juddi beach, sand dunes. Overnight stay in resort. (Approximately; 3hrs drive).

Early Morning, drive towards Karachi we will stop at Hingol Nation Park and visit the famous geomorphic land formations known as Princess of Hope and the Great Sphinx of Balochistan. Overnight stay in hotel. (Approximately; 3-4hrs drive).

Transfer to Karachi International Airport for International Departure.


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