Makran Coastal Highway Tour


The adventurous trip of Balochistan is a six-day trip, in which we will explore the beauty and the culture of the Makran Coastal Highway in the largest province of Pakistan (Balochistan). The trip starts from Karachi, in which we will be driving alongside the coastal highway of Makran, which holds the length of 653 Km and will visit Gaddani Ship Breaking yard and Gaddani Beach. 

We will be visiting the beauty of Kund Malir Beach and the Golden beach alongside Kund Malir the Ras Malan Golden sand beach and beautiful landforms, along with the beaches days the ocean breeze will refresh you along the way.

Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan and yet left to be explored. There are hundreds of eye-catching sites but unfortunately very little exposure has been given to the province. 

Hence forth, Nanga Parbat Adventure presents in front of the world the tourist spots for Balochistan to explore Pakistan even further and enjoy various types of landscapes and cultures with us. 


Departure from you country to Pakistan

Early morning, we will move towards our first destination, towards Gadani to see marvelous sites. i.e, Gadani Ship Breaking Yard and Gadani beach. Where we will witness the art of ship making. After that we will move towards the Kund Malir, we will stop at the Chandragup Volcanos, Pakistan only mud volcanos. Moving forward to Pakistan’s biggest Hindu temples, Hinglaj Temple. Night at Kund Malir. (Aprrox 5-to-6-hour drive).

Early morning, we will head towards Gwadar. Along the way we will stop by, Golden Sand Beach also known as Ras Malan. Moving towards Hingol national Park to mesmerize Princess of Hope and Balochistan Sphinx and Buzzi Top. After these sites we will move towards Gwadar. Night at Gwadar. (Aprrox 7 hours’ drive).

After Breakfast, we will be fully concentrated to Gwadar to cherish its beauty. At Gwadar our exploration will start at Pushukan and then the valley of Ganz, the sunset point of Jiwani, we can see lights from Iran at the Jiwani sunset point. Drive back to Gwadar, Spend the night at Gwadar. (Approx 3-4-hour drive).

After Breakfast, we will leave for Ormara. Along the way we will stop at Pasni, famous for its Juddi beach, sand dunes, and Astola Island. Astola Island Locally known as Haft Talar meaning ‘island of the seven hills. We will take a boat to Astola Island if the weather will be friendly with no wind. Later, we will move towards Ormara. Night at Ormara. (Approx 7 hours’ drive).

Early morning, experience the Turtle beach, and the sun rise beach at Ormara. After that we will leave for Karachi at our destination (Approx. 7 hours’ Drive).

Transfer to airport.