Muztag Ata

Mustagh Ata (7,546m, 24,750ft) lies in western China, about 25 km east of Tajikstan and about 75 km north of Pakistan. It was attempted in 1947 by the famous British climbers Shipton and Tilman who turned back only about 100m below the summit exhausted from making a trail in the deep soft snow and suffering from altitude sickness and frostbite. The same three problems of deep soft snow, altitude and severe cold have plagued climbers ever since. Besides of that it is an easy to climb mountain.


Day 1
Day 1: Islamabad

Transfer to hotel. Made necessary arrangements

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Day 2: Chilas

Drive to Chilas in about 12 hours. Transfer to hotel for overnight

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Day 3: Sost

Drive to Sost. Overnight at hotel

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Days 4: Tashkorgan

Drive to Tashkorgan into China crossing Khunjerab Pass. Overnight at hotel.

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Day 5: Karakul Lake

Trek to Karakul Lake. Overnight in Yurts.

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Day 6: Base Camp

Trek Muztaq Ata Base Camp

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Days 7 - 27: Climbing

Reserved for climbing Muztaq Ata.

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Day 28: Kashgar

Trek down to Subhash and drive to Kashgar. Overnight at hotel.

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Day 29: Kashgar

Sightseeing tour of Kashgar. Overnight at hotel.

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Day 30: Tashkorgan

Drive to Tashkorgan. Overnight at hotel.

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Day 31: Karimabad

Drive to Karimabad via Sost. Overnight at Hotel.

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Day 32: Chilas

Drive to Chilas. Transfer to hotel for overnight

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Day 33: Islamabad

Drive to Islamabad. Transfer to hotel for overnight

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Day 34: Departure

Transfer to airport.

Please Note:

The above itinerary is not a fixed programme but is intended to give an indication of the likely events during the expedition. Please note that because of the nature of mountaineering on 8,000m peaks, it will be necessary to have a flexible plan in order to take the best advantage of situations as they present themselves. Any changes to the itinerary will be made with a view to maximizing the benefit to the team members and of ensuring their eventual success on the mountain.



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