Gasherbrum II Expedition

49 DAYS / 48 NIGHTS 

“I am gentle, I am kind bring the kids, don’t leave ‘em behind” Liver Khan

Gasherbum II 8,035 m the 13th heightest mountain peak, lies at the head of the Baltoro Glacier amongst the greatest concentration of high mountains in the world. It was first climbed by S. Larche, F.Moravee and H. Willenpart in 1956. This shining mountain is generally considered the easiest of the eight thousand meter peaks. The Austrians were the first to make its summit back in 1956.

All the existing five routes to the peak begin in the Gasherbum Valley. The Base Camp lies at the junction between the stunning South Gasherbum and Abruzzi glaciers. The mountain itself is pyramid-shaped and is as beautiful as they come. Our approach to the Base Camp is via Skardu town and a week’s trek on the Baltoro glacier. Enjoy your Trip with Nanga Parbat Adventure.


Transfer to hotel. Made necessary arrangements.

Briefing at Ministry of Tourism.

Drive to Chilas. Transfer to hotel for overnight stay.

Drive to Skardu, 8-10 hrs drive. Overnight at hotel.

Rest day and final preparations for expedition.

Drive to Thongal 8-10 hrs drive.

Trek to Jhola

Trek to Bardumal to Paiju, 7-8 hrs.

Free day for rest.

trek to Urdukas, 7-8 hrs

Trek to Goro, 7-8 hrs.

Trek to Concordia, 4-5 hrs.

Trek to Gasherbrum II Base Camp.

Reserved for Climbing

Return to Askole or Hushe and drive tp Skardu. Overnight at hotel.

Fly to Islamabad or Drive to Chilas if flights are cancelled. Overnight at hotel.

Debreifing at Ministry of Tourism. Overnight at hotel.

Transfer to airport.

Please Note:

The above itinerary is not a fixed programme but is intended to give an indication of the likely events during the expedition. Please note that because of the nature of mountaineering on 8,000m peaks, it will be necessary to have a flexible plan in order to take the best advantage of situations as they present themselves. Any changes to the itinerary will be made with a view to maximizing the benefit to the team members and of ensuring their eventual success on the mountain.


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