Nanga Parbat Circle Trek

Nanga Parbat literally means “the naked mountain”. It is the 2nd highest peak in Pakistan and 9th highest in world ranking. Located in the western Himalayan Range, Nanga Parbat is also known as Diamer “The Capital of Fairies”. This exciting trek takes you through the enchanting green alpine meadows and valleys and through scenic mountain villages around Nanga Parbat, exploring the three base camps of this hypnotic and spell binding natural giant. The South Face is approached from Rupal, the Diamer Face from the west, and North Face from Fairy Meadows. Nanga Parbat is the only mountain above 8,000 m which you can actually circle.

The South Face of Nanga Parbat is one of the highest precipices in the world. It is a rock face rising steeply up 4,500 meters, a perpetual vertical wall which offers one of the most hazardous routes to the top of the peak.

We drive up to the Astore Gorge through enchanting Himalayan landscape to the small mountain village of Rupal lying at the foot of the South side of Nanga Parbat. Here we begin the first stage of the trek crossing the Chunghphere and Bazin Glacier before reaching the lush green meadows of the traditional base camp (Herrligkoffer Base Camp) of this gigantic entity. We walk through Latobo and Shagiri sommer settlements of shepherds and reach the last camp before the pass. After crossing the Mazeno Pass at 5,370 meters the descend begins to the Loiba Glacier of the Diamer Face. 

Trek up again to the enchanting green pastures of Fairy Meadows, where we see one of the biggest mountain faces which offers the unforgettable view of the Nanga Parbat North Face. Further hike through the thick high altitude pine and birch forest on the lush green alpine meadows to visit the base camp. Nanga Parbat was first climbed by the Austrian Hermann Buhl in 1953 being member of a joint German/Austrian expedition.


Day 1
Day 1: Islamabad

Morning arrival in Islamabad, meet and transfer to hotel. Afternoon visit Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the twin cities, and explore the colorful bazars of Rawalpindi Visit the Shah Faisal Mosque and Daman-e-Koh to enjoy a beautiful view on Islamabad, the modern capital of Pakistan. Overnight hotel.

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Day 2: Chilas

Morning drive to Chilas passing through the enchanting valleys of Mansehra and Kohistan along the mighty Indus river, enroute visit the ancient rock carvings at Shatial and Chilas. Overnight hotel. (12 hours).

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Day 3: Tarishing

Morning drive to Thalichi, from here by 4-WD jeep through the narrow Astore Gorge and scenic mountain villages up to Tarishing where the jeep road ends and the trek starts. Overnight in local Inn. (6-7 hours).

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Day 4: Latobo

Today we start our first day of our trek. We cross the Chunghphere Glacier and continue an easy, gentle walk on the green slopes of Rupal village. We cross the Bazin Glacier to enter the wide meadows of Latobo and reach the traditional base camp (Herrligkoffer) of Nanga Parbat. Meals and overnight in tents.

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Day 5: Mazeno Base Camp

After breakfast walk through green meadows with wild willow and birch forests along the Thoshin Glacier to reach the campsite at the bottom of the meadows. Meals and overnight in tents.

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Days 6: Mazeno High Camp

A gradually steep walk up through alpine meadows with wild bushes to reach the campsite close to the pass. It offers panoramic views on the surrounding high peaks and sharp Mazeno Ridge of Nanga Parbat. Meals and overnight in tents.

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Day 7: Loiba

Today we cross the Mazeno Pass (5,370 m) followed by a very steep descend with the help of fixed ropes to Loiba Glacier. We cross the glacier and follow the trail to the green campsite of Loiba. Meals and overnight in tents.

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Day 8: Kachal

Walk through beautiful meadows passing through summer settlements of the local villagers before we reach the camp. Meals and overnight in tents.

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Days 9: Diamiroi

Trek through the green slopes and scenic villages along the Bunar Gah. Meals and overnight in tents.

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Day 10: Diamer Base Camp

A very easy and gentle walk through the thick pine forest and green slopes of alpine meadows with magnificent view on Nanag Parbat. Meals and overnight in tents.

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Day 11: Base Camp

Free day to explore the area. Meals and overnight in tents.

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Day 12: Kachal Pass

Trek to Kachal and cross the Kachal Pass, a gradually steep walk up through the green slopes of meadows and enter into the Karo Sagar. Meals and overnight in tents.

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Day 13: Karo Sagar

A very gentle and easy walk takes you through the thick pine forest and green slopes with view of Nanga Parbat. We pass the summer settlements of local people. Overnight in tents.

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Day 14: Gutum Sagar

An easy walk up through lush green meadows with colorful flowers and high altitude birch trees takes you to the base camp of Juliper Peak. Overnight in tents. (6-7 hours).

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Day 15: Beyal

Today we cross the Juliper Pass (4,625 m) and enjoy the magnificent view on Nanga Parbat, Chongra Peak and Ganalo Peaks. A very steep descend to the Beyal meadow. Meals and overnight in tents. (7-8 hours).

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Day 16: Fairy Meadows

Morning excursions to Nanga Parbat base camp, visit the monuments of Alfred Drexel and Willy Merkle the climbers who laid their lifes on this killer mountain during the 1934 to 1937 expeditions. Explore the area and after noon trek back to Fairy Meadows. Meals and overnight in wooden huts. (5-6 hours).

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Day 17: Fairy Meadows

Free day to explore the area, explore the Raikot Glacier and walk through the meadows. Meals and overnight in hut.

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Day 18: Chilas

Morning walk to Tato village and drive by 4-WD jeeps to Raikot Bridge at the KKH, from here we continue our way to Chilas. Overnight in hotel. (6-7 hours)

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Day 19: Islamabad

After breakfast drive to Islamabad passing through Kohistan and Mansehra Valley. Transfer to hotel. (12- 13 hours).

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Day 20: Fly Out

Transfer to airport.

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