Mountain expeditions in Pakistan is a unique experience, mostly suited for advanced climbers due to the sheer size and remoteness of its rocks. The two main rock climbing locations in Pakistan are near Islamabad and in the Karakoram range, where the famous K2 is located. Near Islamabad, the most well-known spots are in the Margallah Hills- which is great for sports climbing and offers a wide variety of routes for climbers of different levels; Shahdra-a limestone crag with five routes in a scenic valley: and Ibex, considered to be the best wall in the region and good for sports climbing too. In the Karakoram, the offer is broader and also more challenging. The Trango Tower is a famous rock climbing destination great for classic and alpine climbing. The Muztagh Tower, Link Sar, K6 and K7 are all popular crags in the area too, and high altitude crags at that. Rock climbing in Pakistan is an unforgettable experience, and one best done with proper guidance.

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