Liver Khan (Managing Director)


Liver Khan & Reinhold Messner

Liver Khan is the president and founder of Nanga Parbat Adventure Pakistan. With over 33 years of experience in field of Tourism, Mr.Khan hails from western Himalaya Nanga Parbat Diamer side. He is involved with tourism since his college time as he had summer holidays and worked as an adventure and cultural guide in all over Pakistan’s touristic destinations. Mr. Khan has spent a

lifetime travelling to remote parts of the mountain ranges such as Himalayas, Karakorum and Hindukush. After gaining much of the experience and travelling across Europe – to see closely how tourism works there –he started his own business by registering a Destination Management and tour operating company under the name of Nanga Parbat Adventure in 1999 with Ministry of tourism Islamabad.

Liver Khan in Travel Mart held in Korea

Mr. Khan is an outstanding tourism professional who has extensive knowledge and experience in his field. He is active traveller and mainly focuses on bringing new destinations in the main stream that the rural areas of Gilgit Baltistan can make best out of it and improve their life style.

He is also been so close to social works and had been

promoting education with his western friends in all over Nanga Parbat region. His works include   4 primary schools, including first ever girl school in the region.

He is a charming and visionary person that always shares his experience and meaning of life in these words.

To me, life is not worth living if one can’t do something to contribute to the society and advancement of others. I am guided by this desire to help all my fellows as well as the people out there who are willing to explore the God given nature, landscape and the culture which is different from one to other country. I constantly venture into new areas and programs that I believe will benefit both my clients and the local communities to improve their lives. “

He is the founding member of Pakistan Association of Tour Operator ( PATO ) and is an executive member of Alpine club of Pakistan from last 15 years .

Fida Ullah (Operational Manager )

Fida Ullah is an operational manager. He has the experience of both Practical as well as educational  in the  field of tourism and did his  bachelors  in innovation and tourism management from university of applied science Salzburg Austria. He has been working for  tourism organizations abroad. He worked with many famous personalities in Pakistan such as Reinhold

Messner, Joseph Vilsmaier who directed the film “Nanga Parbat”. Der Bergwelt about Nanga Parbat history directed by Explore Media GmbH & Co. KG many other documentaries which provided  positive image and touristic attractions of Pakistan in other part of the world.

He is responsible for the operational as well as marketing of  tourism destinations of Pakistan abroad.


Hassan Jan (High Altitude Guide)

 Hassan Jan is high Altitude guide  and climber. He hails from Hushhay valley of Skardu city and has  climbed all five 8000m peaks in Pakistan including many 7000m peaks  . He is a great  name in mountaineering field . He is responsible for our expedition department.


Abdul Manan (Guide)


Abdul Manan is one of the most senior guides .He hails from Nanga Parbat Diamer valley who started guiding as a teenager and  bags enough experience and is professionally qualified  in the field of tourism .He  has been  leading expeditions and trekkings to the famous ranges of Pakistan .


Abdul Mateen (Guide)


Abdul Mateen hails from Nanga Parbat Diamer Valley and is a great name in the guiding field due to his vast experience in leading expeditions and trekkings to Nanga parbat and other famous  mountains of Pakistan.


Mir Ghani (Guide)


Mir Ghani is a resident of Diamer valley of Nanga Parbat .He is an experienced guide who has extensive knowledge in the field of tourism .He has leaded expeditions, trekkings and cultural tours across Pakistan .


Atta Ullah (Guide)

Atta Ullah belongs to Diamer valley of Nanga Parbat .He is the youngest of our guides .His professional skills are plausible  .He has been leading winter expeditions to nanga Parbat and was  guide of the team who first ascented Nanga Parbat in winter .


Kashkar (Head Cook)


Kashkar is a vibrant personality who hails from Diamer Valley of Nanga Parbat . He has vast experience in cooking –his cooking expertise is  commendable .

Shakar Khan (Cook)

Shakar Khan is a vibrant personality who hails from Diamer Valley. He has vast experience in cooking –his cooking expertise is  commendable .