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Arrive Islamabad

Transfer to hotel for resting and breakfast. Drive to Peshawar (5hours) In way visit to Taxila. Situated 35 miles from Rawalpindi, Taxila was the seat of Oriental culture and was first mentioned as a satrapy of the Achemenian Empire in the 6th century BC. It was invaded by Alexander the Great and then passed along to other rulers until finally reaching the hands of the Mauryan king Ashoka who molded the city into a centre of learning, philosophy and art until its destruction in 455 BD when invaded by the Huns. Today you can visit 8 well preserved archeological sites and a museum. Lunch at Taxila.



Morning: visit of the museum which houses treasures from the Gandhara period.
Then proceed through the Kabuli Gate one of the ancient gateways to the old city and its famous bazaars. Afternoon visit Mahabat Khan’s Mosque built in 1670 by the Governor of Peshawar, Balar Hisar Fort which was built by the emperor Babar in 1526-1530.


Transfer to airport for the short flight to Chitral.
Chitral is an isolated valley nested in the mountains of the Hindukush. It lies at the shadow of Tirich mir (25258 feet) the highest peak in the Hindukush, and is divided by the fast flowing waters of the Mastuj river. Its pure mountain air and beautiful scenery attracts a number of trekkers and the hot sulphur springs close to the city are well known for their abilities. Little is known about Chitral’s history. Alexander the Great marched through the valley in 326 BC leaving behind certain Greek traditions which are still reflected in the customs of the population. The small was ruled during 300 years by the Mehtras and was incorporated to Pakistan after a disputed affair between the Mehtra and his neighbors of Dir.


Excursion to the 3 Kalash valleys of Rambur, Berir and Bamburet.
Visit of the picturesque valley of Rambur and the villages of Balanguru and Kalashgram.


This route, a rough passage through the mountains, has been used for centuries by traders. Mastuj is a oasis of green meadows, orchards and forests. Camp


The road climbs slowly towards the Shandur Pass with good views of the snow-capped peaks of the Hindu Raj. At th Pass matches of polo are disputed each summer between Gilgitis and Chitralis. After the Pass the road continue along the Gilgit river until the lake of Phandar. Camp


The road crosses isolated villages and superb mountain scenery to Gupis, a spot particularly noted for trout fishing and a good place to stop for lunch. Camp


The old tribal town of Gilgit lies at the southern end of Hunza valley on the Karakorum Highway and acted as a rest stop for weary travelers on the Silk Road. The famous road from China to the Arabian Sea. Surrounded on all sides by the high peaks of the Karakorum, it is a flourishing town with colorful peoples and bazaars. Installation at hotel.


Drive to Karimabad by the KKH a spectacular 3 hour journey beneath the Rakaposhi. Karimabad ancient capital of the kingdom of Hunza offers unforgotten views on the Ultar Peak and Rakaposhi peak. Installation at hotel.


Visit of the Forts of Baltit and Altit.
Baltit was the palace of the Mirs of Hunza until 1969. It is a curious, rambling old place, 4 storey high and built of stone, sun-dried mud and timber. Tradition has it that Baltistan princess married a reigning Mir brought with her masons, craftsmen and carpenters to build both forts of Baltit and Altit. The museum room contains weapons and the drums that sounded the alarm in an attack.
Altit is even more impressive, perched on a huge rock which falls some thousand feet vertically into the Hunza river. The view from the top of the fort is spectacular.

Karimabad-Fairy Meadows

Drive to Raikot bridge ( 4 hours) then to the village of Tato by steep trail and walk to the Fairy Meadows.
At 11000 feet Fairy Meadows is one of the most beautiful campsite of the Himalaya. This a good base for day hikes through dense pine forests and alpine meadows. Excursion to the base camp of Nanga Parbat.

Fairy Meadows-Besham

Leave for Raikot and continue to Besham


Early morning drive to Islamabad. And train to Lahore.
Transfer to hotel


Transfer to airport – Flyout
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