The Northern Areas of Pakistan are a rocky wilderness of 27,000 sq. miles (about 68,000 sq. km) containing the biggest cluster of majestic mountains anywhere in the world and the biggest glaciers anywhere outside the polar region. The mighty Himalayas advance into this region from India, Tibet and Nepal and north of them spread the more localized but still majestic Karakorum Range both heading northwest while in between flows the mighty Indus river. Along the main river Indus and its tributaries are many lovely valleys and the the breathtaking combination of towering peaks, deep and steep gorges, moonlit lakes, cool streams, rapid rivers, whistling deserts, frosty glaciers and fairy meadows.

Northern Pakistan has the most beautiful and mightiest mountains on earth from the forbidding heights of the five peaks over 8,000 m to the dozens over 7,000 m high. They all have one thing in common: they are majestic and magical. K2, The King of Karakorum, is the second highest peak in the world with 8,611 m. Nanga Parbat with 8,126 m is the 9th highest peak in the world. Many legends and superstitious stories have been spun around this peak which is rightly known as the “Killer Mountain”.