Tours - Ancient Civilizations of Indus & Imperial Mughals

DAYS: 10

We take a tour of the 5000 year old Indus valley civilization and marvel at the magnificence of architecture that covers the most historical and culturally rich areas of Pakistan’s ancient history. As we wander through the corridors of history we explore the most important archeological sites in Moenjodaro, where over 5000 years ago, the Indus valley civilization was born. During a visit to the Museum which is the most important artifact found at this ancient site, we marvel at the scale of this old city which had a well organized community with people possessing their own script, a unified system of weights and measures and a high level of artistic activity.

Then we travel through the lovely desert landscape to explore one of the world’s biggest necropolises at Makli Hill, containing over one million tombs dating from 14th to 19th century.

It is one of the most stunning archeological sites in the world as a majority of these tombs are beautifully decorated with sandstone carvings and glazed tiles centuries old. After visiting the exquisitely decorated Shah Jehan Mosque built in 17th century in the ancient town of Thatta, we then proceed to Hyderabad where you explore its ancient Forts.

We also tour to the colorful bazaars of Hala, famous handicraft centers and observe the artisans at work. You will see master pieces in pottery, ceramic tiles, block printing and wood work, galore. Experience the intense atmosphere of piety, hope and devotion as you visit the famous shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalander at Sehwan.

A drive to Sukkur which lies at the bank of Indus river way to the south is an absolute must. We explore southern cultural traditions, visit the museum and take a boat ride on the Indus to Sadhu bella island for a visit to Hindu temples decorated with intricately carved statues of Hindu deities.
We then head towards the ancient city of Uch through interesting villages and rural landscape containing some of the most beautiful tombs with blue glazed tiles reflecting the influence of central Asian architecture. It was the center of Islamic learning and many famous scholars and saints lie buried here. Visit the tombs of Bibi Jawindi with its beautiful glazed tile decorations as well as the Tomb of Jalaludin Surkh.

An entire day is spent exploring the city of Multan which has a very interesting history. Every invader and explorer who entered the Indian Sub continent from Alexander the Great to the Mughals including the British struggled for its control. After visiting the beautiful shrines of Bahaudin Zakria built in the 13th century and Shah Rukn-e-Alam during the 14th century, we go on to Harapa, another 5000 years old ancient excavated city of the Indus civilization and explore the ruins before proceeding to Lahore, the city of the Mughal Dynasty.

Wandering through the historic city of Lahore you will witness the finest examples of Mughal architecture, the 17th century Badshahi Mosque, the Lahore Fort built in the 16th and 17th century, Emperor Jehangir’s tomb, the exquisite Shalimar Gardens built by Shah Jehan (the pioneer of the Taj Mahal) and the grandiose Lahore Museum. Explore the old walled city that once used to have 12 Gates around it and visit the lovely Wazir Khan Mosque. Incidentally, the city of Lahore is world famous for its ethnically diverse and delicious cuisine for all food aficionados.

Day 01     Karachi.
Arrive Karachi International Airport, meet and transfer to hotel. Visit the National Museum at Karachi and after noon explores the beautiful beaches of Clifton and Manora and enjoys the sunset view. Evening free at leisure. Overnight hotel.

Day 02     Moenjodaro – Hyderabad.
Morning drive to Moenjodaro, visit the archeological Museum and ancient excavated city of 5000 years old Indus Civilization, afternoon drive to Hyderabad enroute visit the Makli Hill to visit the biggest necropolis Chokundi Tombs. Overnight hotel.

Day 03     Hyderabad - Sukkur.
Morning visit the Hyderabad fort and Tombs of Kalhora and Talpur Mirs. After then we drive to Sukkur, enroute visit the famous Sufi Shrine of Lal Shabaz Qalander at Sehwan. Arrive sukkur and after noon visit the Museum and boat ride on the Indus. Overnight hotel.

Day 04     Sukkur - Multan.
Morning drive to Multan, city of Sufi shrines and Gateway to the Indian subcontinent. Afternoon visit the Tombs of Bahaudin Zakria and Shah Rukn Alam of 13th and 14th century. Evening explore the colorful Bazaar for shopping the Multani pottery. Overnight hotel.

Day 05     Multan - Uch Sharif -Bahawalpur.
The five Rivers in Pakistan, the Indus, Ravi, Chenab, jehlum and Sutluj are meeting at the panjnad. After visiting the glazed tile Tombs of Bibi Jawindi and shah Surkh Bukhari we will drive to Bahawalpur. Overnight hotel.

Day 06     Bahawalpur – Cholistan – Bahawalpur.
Morning drive to Cholistan Desert for a camel ride and visit the impressive Derawar Fort built on 9th century at the edge of Cholistan desert. Afternoon explore the old walled Bazaar and interesting museums in Bahawalpur. Overnight hotel.

Day 07     Bahawalpur – Lahore.
Morning after breakfast drive to Lahore, the city of Mughals, enroute we visit the excavated city of Harappa and proceed to Lahore. Overnight hotel.

Day 08     Lahore.
Full day excursion to Lahore city, visit the Impressive Lahore Museum, Badshahi Mosque built in 16th century, Lahore fort 16th to 17th century, Shalimar Garden built by Emperor Shah jahan and old walled city. Evening enjoy the traditional local cuisine in a village restaurant. Overnight hotel.

Day 09     Lahore – Islamabad.
Morning Drive to Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan through the Grand Trunk Road, passing through the villages and green crop fields, enroute visit the khewra Salt mines the largest salt mines in the world. arrive Islamabad and Transfer to hotel.

Day 10     Departure.
Departure for home bound flights.
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