Safaris - North Pakistan Mountain Jeep Safari

DAYS: 20

One of the most perfect trip for those who enthusiasts of nature and adventure, takes you over the highest mountain passes into the Worlds Three Great Mountain Ranges, The Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush.

We drive by four wheel Jeeps through the enchanting lush green valleys with snow covered peaks towering above, scenic mountain villages, huge lakes and over the highest mountain Roads that connects each valley to another, is the source of cultural exchange of the mountain tribes residing in the different valleys.

We starts this adventure trip from Islamabad, the Modern capital of Pakistan, visit the colorful Bazaars in Rawalpindi, and wander through the ruins of archeological excavated city of Taxila, an important seat of Buddhism and cultural capital of Gandhara Civilization. Visit the impressive archeological Museum, The excavated cities, Buddhist Monasteries and Stupas in Taxila, dates back to 6th century BC to 7th Century Ad.

Drive through the lush green Mansehra and Kaghan valley, explore the scenic high plateau of Shogran and visit the Lake Saiful Maluk to find its natural beauty and love tale of a prince, after the name given to this beautiful lake. We drive through the Babusar Pass (4000 meters) a beautiful summer grazing pasture of Gujar nomads who came with their flocks of livestock during the summer season.

Explore the enchanting beauty of the mountain villages and valleys around the Nanga Parbat (8125 meters) the 9th highest mountain in the World on edge of the western Himalayan Range. We drive to the Fairy Meadows and Rupal villages on the foot of this Killer Mountain. Day hikes to the base camps of North and South sides of the Nanga Parbat to see the highest vertical wall and biggest mountain face of mountain.

We drive to Baltistan, The little Tibet, through over the scenic Deosai Plateau (4130 meters). In deosai we explore the huge lakes, wild life species of Brown Bear, brown Marmots, crystal clear streams and many plants and different kind of flowers. In Baltistan we drive to the scenic Shigar valley, a gate way to the K-2 and other highest mountains in Karakoram. Visit centuries old Shigar Fort and! 7th century Mosque with its Tibetan architecture.

Drive to the Beautiful Hunza valley to find its Secrets of longevity of ages and visit the 700 years old Baltit and Altit forts, centuries old Altit and Ganesh villages on the ancient Silk Road and 4th century Ad Rock carvings. Enjoy the magnificent view of Rakaposhi (7788 meters) Diran peak (7200 meters) and many countless peaks of above 6000 meters. We drive to Khunjrab Pass (4733 meters) the highest medaled Road connects to China.

Drive to the beautiful Chitral valley, in the Hindukush Range, drive through the scenic mountain villages and high snow covered peaks towering above with the commanding view of Tirichmir peak (7708 meters) the highest mountain in Hindukush range. Explore the isolated valleys of Kalash Tribes famed to be the descendents of the Greeks, residing in Bomboret, Rambur and Birir, visit the Kalash houses to learn their customs and beliefs.


Day 01     Islamabad.
Arrive Islamabad International Air port, meet and transfer to hotel. Afternoon city sightseeing of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, visit the Faisal Mosque a unique modern architectural design and Margalla Hills to a panoramic view of Islamabad, the Modern Capital of Pakistan. Overnight hotel.

Day 02     Islamabad - Shogran.
Morning visit the excavated archeological sites and impressive Museum at Taxila, after we drive to Shogran a very scenic plateau passing through the lush green Mansehra valley and Balakot town. Overnight hotel.

Day 03     Shogran - Naran.
Morning drive to Naran passing through the green villages along with the Kunhar River, after noon drive to the beautiful Lake Saiful Maluk surrounded by snow-covered peaks, explore the lake drive back to Naran. Overnight hotel.

Day 04     Naran - Chilas.
After break fast drive to Chilas through over the scenic Babusar Pass (4000 meters). On the way we visit the beautiful and huge Lulusar Lake and summer settlements of Gujar Nomads. Overnight hotel.

Day 05     Chilas - Rama.
Morning visit the ancient Rock carvings at Chilas, after then we drive to Rama a beautiful alpine Resort with thick pine forest and drive through the scenic mountain villages with snow covered peaks towering above, enroute stop at the Thalichi view point to have the magnificent view of Nanga Parbat (8125 meters). Overnight hotel.

Day 06     Rama - Tarishing.
Morning visits the Rama Lake and after lunch we drive to the Tarishing village located on the foot of South face of Nanga Parbat. This beautiful mountain village offers many short and day hikes to the base camps of Nanga Parbat, 8125 meters. Overnight hotel.

Day 07     Tarishing - Skardu.
After break fast we drive to Skardu, through the Deosai Plateau (4130 meters) explore the natural beauty and wild life species of Brown Bears and Marmots, huge lakes with migratory birds and hundred kinds of Flower species. After then we drive to Skardu enroute visit the Beautiful Satpara Lake and continue drive to Skardu. Overnight hotel.

Day 08     Skardu - Gilgit.
Morning after break fast drive to Gilgit, along with Indus River and narrow gorges, arrive Gilgit and Afternoon visit the 7th century AD Buddha Rock Carvings at Kargha and visit the colorful bazaars of Gilgit city. Overnight hotel.

Day 09     Gilgit - Hunza.
Morning after breakfast drive to Hunza, enroute we stop at the Rakaposhi view point to have the magnificent view of Rakaposhi 7788 meters, after then continue drive through the lush green mountain villages of Hunza and Nagar valley. After noon we visit the Baltit and Altit forts. Evening drive to Duiker view point to have the panoramic view of Rakaposhi, Diran peak and many countless peaks of above 6000 meters can be seen from here Overnight hotel.

Day 10     Hoper excursion – Gulmit.
Morning visit the centuries old wooden Rock Carving Mosques and watching Towers in Ganesh village, after then we drive to Hoper village in Nagar valley, a short hike to hoper glacier and drive back to Gulmit, visit enroute the ancient Rock Carvings and then drive to Gulmit a scenic village in upper Hunza. Overnight hotel.

Day 11     Gulmit- Khunjrab Pass.
Morning drive to Khunjrab pass 4733 meters, passing through the scenic villages and snow covered peaks towering above, passu and Batura glaciers touches to the villages, after a short stop at Pak- China Border we drive back to Gulmit, enroute visit Borit Lake. Overnight hotel.

Day 12     Gulmit - Gilgit.
After breakfast we drive to Gilgit town, afternoon enjoy the Polo match the Game of the Kings, evening free to explore the colorful bazaars of the Gilgit city. Overnight hotel.

Day 13     Gilgit - Phander.
Morning drive to Phander a beautiful scenic village, we drive through the scenic villages of Punial, Sherqila and Gupis in Ghizer valley. Afternoon enjoy the trout fishing in the Pahander lake and Ghizer River. Overnight hotel.

Day 14     Phander - Chitral.
Morning after breakfast drive to Chitral through the Shandur Pass 3900 meters, the highest polo field of the world, playing the polo matches between the Gilgit and Chitral every year on the month of July. After a brief stop at the pass we continue drive to Chitral. Overnight hotel.

Day 15     Kalash valley.
Morning visit the Chitral Fort and Shahi Mosque in Chitral after then we drive to Bomboret and Rambur in Kalash valley, explore the area and visit the traditional Kalash houses. Evening enjoy the Kalash music and dancing. Overnight hotel.

Day 16     Kalash valley - Dir.
Morning after break fast drive to Dir through over the scenic Lawari Pass 3118 meters offers the most adventurous scenic drive through its zigzags and a panoramic view of the Dir and Chitral valleys. Overnight hotel.

Day 17     Dir - Swat.
Drive to the beautiful Swat valley an important seat of Buddhism from 6th century BC to 9th century Ad, enroute we visit the archeological Museum at Chakdara and Churchil picket built by the British army during the war of Independence. Arrive swat and transfer to hotel.

Day 18     Swat -Kalam.
Mornings visit the Impressive archeological Museum of Swat and excavated sites of Butkara, after then we drive to Kalam a beautiful picturisc valley in the upper swat through the lush green Madyan and Bahrain villages. Overnight hotel.

Day 19     Kalam - Swat.
Morning we drive to the beautiful Mahodand Lake, passing through the scenic Ushu and Matiltan villages thick covered with pine Forest. After shortstop at the lake we drive back to swat. Overnight hotel.

Day 20     Swat - Islamabad.
Morning after break fast we drive to Islamabad, enroute visit the Shighardara Stupa and Takht Bhai Buddhist Monastery, built in 4th to 6th century Ad. After then we continue drive to Islamabad. Overnight hotel.

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